Local Church Developing Plan to Increase Substitute Teachers

A church in Mount Pleasant and Alma are helping schools in their search for substitute teachers.

As with many professions, there’s currently a shortage of substitutes teachers in schools. This means that full teachers and other staff are often picking up the slack when other teachers are out with sickness, appointments, or protocols around quarantine. Community Church has developed a plan to facilitate 50 new substitute teachers joining the local school districts. The church will create a form for interested parties to fill out. Once they have submitted their form to the church, there will be a follow up email outlining the process of applying as a substitute teacher through ‘willSub’, the online portal used by local schools. This letter will also outline the process through which Community Church will cover the applicant’s incurred cost.

The initiative is open to anyone within those communities who are interested in helping out local educators. There is no requirement of church membership in order to apply. For more information, call (989) 773-3561.