Local Activist Urges Vaccinations

Dr. Ziggy Kozicki is appealing to people to get vaccinated. As we face another year (2022) of COVID-19 threats we need to promote responsible behavior to be able to stop the spread of this awful virus. We need 50 million more people to become vaccinate! In addition, vaccinated Americans must keep getting boosters. The mutations of this virus will continue to create community spread unless we vaccinate, test for COVID before you visit people during the holidays and take appropriate precautions. To date over 800,000 Americans, have died from this virus and many thousands have long lasting post COVID symptoms. The health care system is being overwhelmed with COVID patients. The economy and our social life is threatened by this viral spread.  If you need to know more about the vaccine, please watch this video From A to Zig | “V” Vaccine

From A to Zig | “V” Vaccine


Contact me if you need more information.  I am promoting this vaccination strategy statewide.

Dr. Ziggy Kozicki is Associate Professor at the University of Detroit Mercy College of Health Professions.