Live-Blog Election 2016 with WSGW’s Pat Johnston

We’re trying another live-blogging of another national election. I tried this back in 2012 and did it again in 2014. It turned-out that I really enjoyed it. So, let’s do it again. You can always email me with comments, or if you have news I’m not aware of, please email me:


11:15pm: Tomorrow is going to be an historic day. If you think it’s good or bad for our country, tomorrow will be remembered forever. That Donald Trump has won is amazing. I’m calling Wisconsin for Trump.

Admittedly, I never thought his message had major legs. I knew it had some pull, but I didn’t know it was this strong. However, Bernie Sanders had a populist message, and he took Clinton nearly 15 rounds. So, maybe the writing was on the wall, and the Dems didn’t want to adapt their message.

My fear of a Hillary Clinton campain was that her support was soft. People weren’t willing to go to the mat for her. And she and the Dems didn’t seem to understand how the American people feel left out of the game.

As a result, the GOP and Donald Trump have been rewarded with ultimate power. It also proves that fighting dirty wins. It always has. As Bobby Kennedy told Jack Kennedy just before the first debate against Richard Nixon, “Kick him in the balls!” That’s essentially what the GOP has done.

We’re traveling in uncharted territory.

11:07pm: And Trump has locked-up North Carolina. Wow. The pollsters are hiding…

11:05pm: GOP Senator Ron Johnson wins reelection in Wisconsin. That’s a big blow to the Dems. Meanwhile, with that news, does Clinton comeback to win Wisconsin? If not, Donald Trump has won.

11:01pm: The Left Coast and Hawaii predictably goes for Clinton. She now leads the Electoral College, but it’s only a temporary victory.

10:59pm: AP is calling Florida for Trump. He gets closer and closer…

10:45pm: Stock futures plunged by 700 points at one point.

10:40pm: Hillary Clinton wins Colorado.

10:37pm: By the way, Republican Senator John McCain will serve another six years. Easily won in Arizona.

10:34pm: NBC has called Virginia for Clinton. Big win for her. Michigan and Wisconsin and Nevada could decide the race. I don’t see Trump losing Florida.

10:22pm: Huge win for Trump. Ohio goes red.

10:20pm: Yup:

10:15pm: Fox News reports Richard Burr wins reelection in North Carolina. Big, big, big win for GOP Senate. If he has won, then Trump mostly wins North Carolina.

10:10pm: This question must be asked: What happens to the Democratic Party if Trump wins tonight and they fail to retake the Senate. For months, people–including me–were asking what will happen to the GOP if Trump loses. Wow.

10:09pm: Missouri called for Trump.

10:06pm: New Mexico is called for Clinton. Per NBC.

10:04pm: Montana goes to Trump. Nevada too close to call.

10:01pm: Assisted suicide ballot initiative passes in Colorado.

10pm: Can’t believe they haven’t called Ohio or Florida for Trump. Has to happen soon.

9:45pm: Regardless of tonight’s finish, Democrats have problems. Why? They chose a non-populist in a populist election. Not just with Clinton, but with several of their senatorial candidates.

9:42pm: Trump leading Virginia by 20K votes. It’s going to be close. Have to believe they call Ohio soon for Trump. Florida could also be called for Trump soon, too.

9:28pm: Clinton needs Michigan if she loses Florida, Virginia and North Carolina. She’ll have zero margin of error.

9:25pm: The Detroit Free Press has projected Michigan will go Clinton. Nothing yet from other news sources.

9:13pm: I’m seeing info that Trump has outperformed in several rural counties throughout the country. Pollsters weren’t counting them? James Carville says on MSNBC that if Hillary loses Virginia, the race is practically over.

9pm: I’m charting the Michigan votes as the polls have closed.

Texas, Louisiana, the Dakotas, Wyoming, and Nebraska go Trump.

New York goes to Clinton.

8:57pm: Florida, North Carolina and New Hampshire too close to call. If Trump wins Florida, it will be a huge victory for his campaign.

8:54: Republicans hold onto Indiana senate seat.

8:52pm: If Trump wins Michigan and Florida, it’s panic time for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.


8:48pm: Florida. It’s what they do.

8:30pm: NBC News calling the U.S. House will keep the House.

8:28pm: Race is way too close in Florida!!!

8:27pm: Medical marijuana passes in Florida.

8:14pm: Democrat Richard Blumenthal walks away with an easy win in Connecticut. Republican James Lankford is victorious in Oklahoma. Both coming back to the Senate. No surprise.

8:10pm: To prove that you can recover and win in politics: Marco Rubio wins reelection in Florida. Democrats put-up an awful candidate. Rubio remains a force for the GOP in the future.

8:08pm: Republican Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama easily wins reelection.

8:06pm: Iraq War veteran Tammy Duckworth has beaten incumbent GOP Senator of Illinois Mark Kirk. A pick-up for the Dems.

8pm: Lots of projections coming in. Hillary Clinton has won Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Deleware, District of Columbia, and Illinois.

Projections called the following for Trump: Mississippi, Oklahoma, Alabama and Tennessee. ABC News.

7:53pm: NBC calls South Carolina for Trump.

7:52pm: Former John McCain adviser Steve Schmidt noted on NBC that Rob Portman became one of the first GOP senators to support gay marriage.

7:50pm: It appears like Ohio is going Trump:

7:47pm: NBC reporter Alexander Jaffe:

7:37pm: Rob Portman wins reelection in OH. Still no flips in the Senate.

7:32pm: ABC & CBS News calling West Virginia for Trump!

7:24pm: Rats! Philadelphia Flyers already own a 1-0 lead over the Detroit Red Wings!

7:22pm: No major upsets in Senate races at the moment. Democrat Patrick Leahy wins reelection in Vermont. Republican Tim Scott easily wins in South Carolina. And Rand Paul is coming back for a six year term in Kentucky.

7:20pm: I’m On WSGW Right Now!!!!! Just click “Listen Live” to hear me!

7:12pm: GOP strategist Frank Luntz saying high turnouts in both Ann Arbor, MI and Madison, WI point to good news for Hillary Clinton.

7:09pm: Georgia is being too close to call on NBC. However, while it hasn’t called Georgia for Trump, CBS thinks Trump eventually will prevail:

7:04pm: ABC is calling both Indiana and Kentucky for Donald Trump. No surprises yet.

7pm: We have some projections from ABC News. Clinton wins Bernie Sanders’ Vermont.

6:48pm: WSGW Election Central coverage begins at 7pm on 790AM. We’ll provide coverage on 100.5FM beginning right after the Red Wings game. Of course, you can hear coverage right here on

6:45pm: I’m back and ready to blog! The plan is that I’ll blog from now until 11:30pm. Maybe we’ll have a winner. Maybe not. I voted around 2pm. Since I live in a small town, I rarely have to deal with long lines. However, there was a steady stream of people. I was voter #523, which is pretty good. Polls in six states close within the hour!

12:15pm: Thousands are visiting Susan B. Anthony’s grave this Election Day to pay tribute to the suffragist who was arrested for trying to vote.

11:45am: Here’s Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, voting a few minutes ago, via ABC News:

11:15am: It should be noted that Donald Trump is currently leading the vote count in New Hampshire. Those three little towns that traditionally get to report their votes right after midnight have given Trump a 32-25 lead over Clinton. Hopefully, this news doesn’t influence the rest of the race *sarcasm.

11am: Still wondering why voting hasn’t become a weekend event. Still wondering why we’ve stuck to this antiquated tradition of voting on the second Tuesday after the first Monday of the November! Do we still have to accommodate 19th Century farmers???

10:45am: Dr. Heather (my wife) verifying that she did indeed vote. Fire Up Chips!


10:05am: Just heard a voter tell Fox News Radio (on WSGW 100.5FM) that he still hasn’t decided between Clinton or Trump. Don’t let this dude become a soft drink taste tester!

10:02am: Still no sight of Donald Trump appearing to vote. However, he sent this Tweet earlier in the morning:

10am: I’ll be updating periodically through the day. The real up-to-the-minute blogging begins around 7pm.

9:55am: My prediction for Michigan: Hillary Clinton wins closer than expected. I’m just not certain Trump overcomes Hillary’s advantage in southeast MI. However, Bernie upset her in Michigan back in the primary. Her support isn’t as solid as Obama’s in both 2008 & 2012. That’s what is making it close.

9:53am: My wife reported that she was #183 around 8am. She reported virtually no wait.

9:50am: WSGW’s Art Lewis reports he was voter #16 in his precinct right as polls opened at 7am. He said line had already started to form.

9:45am: Clinton has already voted. Guessing for her and Tim Kaine. Here’s the ABC News video:

9:40: Let’s get it started!



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