After recent weeks of repairs and then reports of a pothole on Bay City’s Liberty bridge, a new issue has called for another potentially lengthy closure.

Reports from the bridge’s operator Friday included vibrations and noise coming from the mechanism that allows it to open and close.

Bay City Director of Public Works Robert Dion says he apologises for another closure, especially one that will affect holiday traffic and events. Many people were hoping to use the bridge as a pier to watch fireworks and other upcoming events, but residents need to steer clear of the bridge for their own safety.  

Dion says an issue with the gear box could have been repaired with the bridge in the down position…

…if it were winter when the frozen river would prevent water travel.

He says the bridge needed to be put into emergency-mode to even get it open, and any additional usage may have caused a catastrophic-level explosion resulting in a complete closure of the bridge.

The city has been in contact with crews from Chicago and New York to get repairs done as quickly as possible, but Dion says even if the matter were resolved overnight it may still take an additional week for vehicle traffic to resume.

No dollar amount has been suggested yet for what repairs may cost.