Let the Debate Begin

OK.  In my last blog I suggested we should hold off on debating gun control since the Las Vegas tragedy was still unfolding.  Obviously, any reading of the news will tell you my views were not the dominate views. The debate is on, fast and furious.

So let us dive in.  First, understand that I am a fierce protector of the constitution and bill of rights, including the second amendment.  I believe in gun ownership, both from a hunting standpoint, a protection standpoint and sport shooting (target) standpoint.  I believe it is one of the tools provided by our founding fathers designed to keep the citizenry on equal footing with the government.

We are, after all, a country built by the gun.  It was used to separate us from an oppressive king, it was used to fight a great civil war, and so on.

But is there a limit to what the second amendment provides.  Probably so, but so far, we as a nation have been unable or unwilling to define that limit, either in number or size.  Every time some disturbed individual use a gun to take lives the gun control debate rears it’s ugly head.  However, rarely is progress made in settling the argument.  Maybe it is time all sides sit at the table, lay down their ideas, find any common ground and move forward.  There must be some common sense solutions to this issues

Ask yourself…Do we really need ‘Bump Stocks’ to allow for automatic firing of some types of rifles?  How big a magazine is too big a magazine?  How may guns should an individual be allowed to own?  Should mental health records be used to determine the right to own a gun?  These are basic and fair questions.  However, none of them will prevent what happened in Las Vegas.

Bad guys will always have guns.  No law or laws will stop that fact of life.  Better education and better health screening may be steps in the right direction.  Regardless, nothing will get done as long as we shout at each other.  It’s time for cool heads and wise folks to sit down and find a solution.  It won’t be easy, but it won’t happen if we don’t try.



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