Let Cool Heads Prevail.

The tragedy in Las Vegas last night calls for a moratorium on harsh rhetoric and wild claims.

First and foremost, our hearts and prayers go out to the families and friends of the many victims of this shooting.  More than 50 souls are no longer with us and hundreds more lie wounded.  This is evil of an unimaginable size, perpetrated by one individual whose motives we still do not understand.

The reaction is predictable.  Those opposed to gun ownership immediately called for more gun control.  Those in favor of gun ownership remind us that if someone on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay had a gun they may have been able to abort the shooting.  Come on folks.  This is not the time for that debate.  Let the families involved begin the healing process.  Let law enforcement trace the shooters actions and motives to better understand the crime.

And a word about the news and social media stories immediately following the incident.  Be careful of what information you consume in the early hours of these situations.  We were first told that the shooter was known to police and had a record.  Turned out to be not true.  We were told that the police had shot the perpetrator dead.  Turned out not to be true.  He shot himself to death.  And so it goes.  By the way, these were main stream media reports.  Who knows what bad information was spewed across social media.

Our focus at this time should be on trying to understand this shooter’s motive.  What triggered him to snap?  Was there outside influence?  How did he get all those weapons unnoticed into the hotel?  Did he have help?  There’s plenty of time to debate the other issues.

God bless those lost and injured souls.



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