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The NBA is fining Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James $15,000 for making an “obscene gesture” during a Wednesday game against the Indiana Pacers, the league said Friday. The incident comes days after James was suspended for an on-court altercation involving Detroit Pistons center Isaiah Stewart. 

The incident happened during the fourth quarter of the Lakers’ game against the Pacers with only one minute and 17 seconds left, the NBA said. It was the first game James played following his one-game suspension over the altercation with Isaiah Stewart on Sunday. 

Both James and Stewart tried securing a position for a rebound — but as Stewart pushed James, the Lakers player swung his arm, striking Stewart and bloodying his eye. James reached out his arm, but Stewart attempted to confront him, causing security, players and coaches to break up a potential fight. 

Both players were ejected from the game. Stewart was suspended for two games and James for one. The suspension was the first in James’ 19-year career, CBS Sports reports

James later told reporters the altercation was an accident and called his suspension “some bull****.” 

“I hate to see that, what escalated after that,” James told reporters on Wednesday, according to CBS Sports. “I didn’t think it warranted [a suspension]. I thought it warranted an ejection.”

Stewart said he “didn’t feel like it was an accident,” according to CBS Sports. 

The NBA also said Friday that James warned for using profane language while speaking to the media about his suspension.