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Officials at Lake Mead have issued a warning for the recreation area after reporting multiple fatalities last weekend.

The National Park Service said in a news release that there were multiple incidents “both on land and water” in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area during Father’s Day Weekend. These included three people who were killed in a multiple-car accident, two drowning deaths, and one apparent death by suicide. The release did not include further information about the incidents or the victims. 

There were also 23 rescues by park rangers over the weekend, authorities said. It’s not clear if those rescues were on water, land or both. Rangers also responded to reports of criminal incidents, including assault, theft and drug use in the park, the news release said. 

The bathtub ring on Lake Mead at the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, seen in December 2022 in Boulder City. 

L.E. Baskow/Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Water levels are up, visitation is strong, and the majority of visitors are enjoying a safe, fun and healthy environment,” said Acting Superintendent Mike Gauthier in the news release. “Yet the tragic fatalities highlight the need to continually focus on safety and considerate behavior towards others when at the park.”

Rangers also responded to a “rash of unsafe and unlawful incidents in the park,” according to the news release, prompting Park Rangers to ask visitors to keep safety in mind while at Lake Mead.

Officials for the park urged visitors to take “simple measures” like wearing life jackets when in the water and driving the speed limit in the area. 

Lake Mead sits in both Nevada and Arizona, and is one of the Top 10 most visited national parks and recreation areas, according to the National Park Service.  It’s the country’s first and largest recreation area, covering 1.5 million acres, with landscapes including valleys, mountains and canyons, according to the park’s website

There are also two lakes: Lake Mead and Lake Mohave. Lake Mead features 750 miles of shoreline, while Lake Mohave is known for what the site calls an “abundance of sandy coves.” Visitors can swim, boat or participate in water sports in the lakes, whose water levels have changed dramatically in recent years. Six bodies have been found in the recreational area’s waters since 2022.