Kochville Township’s Quality 10 Theater Has Reopened

After becoming a pandemic casualty last summer, Kochville township’s Quality 10 theater is now open again under new management.

Now owned by Emagine Entertainment; Director of Operations Andy Kijorski says they were able to bring back most of the management and staff that worked at the theater before it closed, and will be hiring an additional 30 to 40 new employees.

(photo- Ric Antonio; WSGW)

Emagine currently has 13 theaters in Michigan, with 11 more spread throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

Kijorski adds the theater will also be seeing upgrades, adding recliner style seating and a renovated concessions area among other amenities seen at other Emagine theaters.


Opening night, the theater offered showings of :

Disney’s Cruella (3:10pm, 6:25pm) starring Emma Stone

F9: The Fast Saga [Fast & Furious] (3:45pm, 6:45pm) starring Vin Diesel & Michelle Rodriguez,

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway (3:25pm, 6:10pm) starring James Corden

Dreamworks’ The Boss Baby: Family Business (4:50pm, 7:20pm) starring Alec Baldwin & Amy Sedaris

The Forever Purge (4:00pm, 7:35pm) directed by Everardo Gout

The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard (4:25pm, 7:05pm) starring Salma Heyek, Ryan Reynolds, & Samuel L. Jackson,