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I hope you’re having a happy holiday. It can be a lot

It’s crazy to think this all started as one guy’s birthday. One guy’s birthday, and it’s turned into a whole season.

Makes you wonder if, when Jesus was alive, he was one of those friends that was like, “Hey, just want to give you a head’s-up that my birthday is coming up. I mean, you don’t have to do anything, but if you want to chop down a tree and put it in your living room, that would be cool.

“You could recreate my birth scene with dolls, if you wanted. Maybe get some friends and sing songs about me door-to-door?

“I don’t want you to overdo it.

“Definitely celebrate the night before my birthday, though: It’s the night before his birthday!

“What if we went, like, 12 days? Just 12 days, and then end the year? I just want people in January to say, I’m still recovering from Jesus’ birthday!”

That’s probably what Jesus would say?

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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Story produced by Amy Wall. Editor: George Pozderec. 

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