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Jim Gaffigan on that most COVID time of the year

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Can you feel it?

You can almost smell it in the air, right?

I can hear it in the chatter of strangers on the sidewalks of New York City. It’s that time of the year.

That’s right. It’s that season.

It’s the most COVID time of the year. Well, supposedly.  

Legend has foretold that COVID will return when it’s cold outside, and we are indoors with our loved ones and/or relatives. Well, either way, that’s now.

And guess what? COVID knows when you’re sleeping. 
It knows when you’re awake.
COVID knows when you’ve been bad or good.
So, wear a mask for goodness’ sake.

We better watch out. Hopefully we won’t cry.
You better not pout, and I’ll tell you why:
‘Cause people will think you are symptomatic
And ask you to leave the gathering.
(Unless you want to leave, because family can be “a lot” at times.)

Anyway, my point is, it’s supposedly the most COVID time of the year. So, maybe we shouldn’t be mistletoeing, and loved ones shouldn’t be too near.

Oh, I don’t know. Do what you want. 

Happy Holidays, everyone!

CBS News

Story produced by Amy Wall. Editor: Ed Givnish. 

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Story produced by Amy Wall. Editor: Ed Givnish. 

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