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The year is 2022?  How can that be?

I understand 2022 would come after the year 2021, but that can’t be.

You see, my eldest child will graduate from high school in June of 2022. And I remember clearly dropping her off at kindergarten, like, last week.

That was the day I learned that she was part of the Class of 2022, which I thought was hysterical!

2022?  As if 2022 is a year that will exist in our lifetime. What is this, “The Jetsons”?

2022 is not a year. It’s something a nervous 19-year-old stutters to a bartender after they’ve been asked their age.

“Me? I’m 20 … 22!”

2022 sounds like the title of a bad ’90s movie about a dystopian America which has embraced tribalism during a prolonged multi-year fight with a disease that has killed hundreds of thousands.

Wait, are we living in a movie? I bet I play the fat guy … who’s sexy!

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Story produced by Amy Wall. Editor: Greg McLaughlin. 

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