▶ Watch Video: How first lady Jill Biden is continuing her full-time teaching job

Jill Biden made a transformation this week. The first lady became Jasmine, the flight attendant who gives out ice cream, for an April Fool’s Day prank on a flight back to Washington D.C. from California on Thursday.

The first lady put on a short black wig, black pantsuit and face mask to disguise herself, according to reporters on the trip. The outfit was complete with a name tag that read “Jasmine.” 

She then walked through the cabin of the airplane, handing out Dove ice cream bars to staff, press and Secret Service. 

Five minutes after Jasmine the flight attendant handed out the sweet treats, two of the first lady’s staffers started laughing. Jasmine then appeared in the press section of the plane, took off her wig and revealed herself as the first lady.

“April Fool’s,” she said.

Reporters were absolutely fooled, but took comfort in the fact that none of the first lady’s staff recognized her either. 

Former first ladies and even presidents have taken part in April Fool’s jokes in the past. In 2013, President Obama pulled off a prank at the White House. 

The White House Twitter account told followers to look out for a “special video message from the president.” But when the video dropped, it wasn’t Mr. Obama who stood behind the podium — it was a kid.

“It looks like you were expecting somebody else,” said Robbie Novak, who plays “Kid President” in a series of popular YouTube videos. “April Fool’s on all of you all.”