Model Ireland Baldwin has welcomed her first child. 

Baldwin, the daughter of actors Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, announced the birth of her daughter, Holland, with Portuguese musician RAC, whose real name is André Allen Anjos, in a sweet picture on Instagram on Thursday. 

In the snap Baldwin, 27, is smiling as she holds her newborn in the hospital alongside Anjos. 

The photo is simply captioned “Holland.”

Baldwin had previously announced the baby’s name would be Holland on an episode of the “Girlboss Radio” podcast.

“We’re naming her Holland,” she said. “I’m Ireland, so, another country name because we wanted to keep that consistent.”  

Baldwin also said the name was inspired by the actress Holland Taylor, whom she is a fan of.

“I’ve always loved that name since I was young,” Baldwin said. “I just thought that that was such a classy, beautiful name.”