A man in Beech Grove, Indiana was arrested on live TV after his toddler son was allegedly seen outside their home holding a handgun. The father, Sean Osborne, was arrested on the show “On Patrol: Live,” which follows police departments in real time and broadcasts live. 

The toddler was captured on a neighbor’s home security camera, wearing a diaper and holding a handgun at their apartment complex on Saturday, according to a media release from REELZ, the channel that airs “On Patrol: Live.”

The neighbor told police she and her son saw the toddler with the gun in the hallway outside their unit, and that he pointed the gun at them. They quickly shut the door and called the police. The toddler was also seen pointing the gun at himself and pulling the trigger. There was no bullet in the chamber, so the gun did not fire. 

Video captured by a neighbor’s surveillance camera and broadcasted on “On Patrol: Live,” shows a toddler holding a gun outside of his apartment in Indiana. Beech Grove police arrested his father.

Storyful via Beech Grove Police Department

Beech Grove is one of eight police departments across the country portrayed on “Oh Patrol: Live.” The Beech Grove Police Department received the call about the toddler just prior to going live at 9 p.m., according to the media release.

When officers arrived at the apartment, they questioned the father, who told them he did not have a gun. After reviewing the neighbor’s surveillance video, officers obtained the father’s permission to search the apartment. Inside a closed desk, they found a Smith & Wesson 9mm handgun.

The father was arrested and the boy was returned to his mother. CBS News has reached out to the Beech Grove Police Department and is awaiting response. 

Beech Grove, which is one of eight police departments across the country portrayed on “Oh Patrol: Live” received the call about a toddler with a gun just prior to going live at 9:00 p.m. on Saturday.

Storyful via Beech Grove Police Department

In a statement to CBS News, Beech Grove Mayor Dennis B. Buckley said the police chief informed him of the incident soon after it took place. 

“As with all of you, I’m mortified at what took place and I’m so thankful that no one was hurt, especially the young child,” Buckley said. “I appreciate the quick action taken by the Beech Grove Police Department to secure the small child and the gun in question.”

Buckley said he has asked Marion County Prosecutor’s Office to “work tirelessly to secure charges and a conviction against the responsible parties, with maximum penalties.”

“Society shouldn’t accept anything less,” he said.