▶ Watch Video: Tanker truck catches fire under I-95 overpass in Philadelphia, leading to collapse

The collapse of an elevated portion of Interstate 95 in northern Philadelphia, resulting from a fuel tanker crash and subsequent fire, could mean months of gridlock for commuters. The collapsed section, which accommodates approximately 160,000 vehicles per day, has been closed indefinitely, in both directions, for miles.  

Frank Graber, who was returning from the airport when the fire broke out, captured gripping images of the smoke and flames — and described what it was like to drive through them. 

“Two cars ahead of me went through the fire, so I just floored it and drove through,” he said. 

As he crossed the smoke-filled overpass, Graber felt the road buckle under his vehicle. 

“I felt it drop like a rollercoaster, so I was like, ‘Well, that wasn’t very smart ’cause I could’ve fell right in the fire,'” he said.

Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro said in a press conference Sunday that it appears at least one vehicle remains trapped in the rubble, but it is unknown if there are any fatalities.  

“We’re still working to identify any individual or individuals that may have been caught in the fire and the collapse,” Shapiro said. 

Shapiro plans to make a disaster declaration, aiming to expedite funding for rebuilding efforts that could take months.  

I-95 is a major interstate that runs along the U.S. East Coast from Miami to the Canadian border in Maine. The affected overpass was part of a $212 million reconstruction project that was completed just four years ago. 

Officials said there was no threat to the city’s water supply and no concerns about any environmental impact from the incident. 

The National Transportation Safety Board has dispatched a team to investigate the incident.