Huron County Sheriff Warns Motorists of Hazardous Conditions

As today’s winter storm continues and the westerly winds have increased, Huron County Sheriff Kelly Hanson warns that visibility in the open stretches of the county are diminished.

Although the snow total so far hasn’t made the road surfaces too bad, the nearly 50 mph wind though is blowing the snow that has fallen to make visibility almost zero in many places. He says he’s talked with Road Commission Manager Neal Hentschl and Emergency Management Director Randy Miller, who’ve told him they expect the situation to continue through at least tomorrow morning. Hanson says driving tonight will only be worse. Road crews will remain out and they’re doing what they can to keep intersections clear, as well as keeping an eye on the road surfaces.

He says, regardless today is definitely not a good day to be driving and asks motorists to stay off the open area roads through tomorrow unless absolutely necessary.