Hunters Asked to Be On Lookout for Suspicious Signs in McWhirter Search

Police in Genesee and Ogemaw Counties are making a request of hunters.

The search continues for the body of 60 year old Kelly McWhirter of Flushing, whom police believe was murdered by her husband Steve Higgins. Higgins fatally shot himself during a traffic stop on October 18, four days after both he and McWhirter were reported missing. Police have conducted a search from Ogemaw County all the way down to Norwalk, Ohio, where McWhirter’s white 2022 Hyundai Tucson had been seen.

They are asking hunters hunting near Skidway Lake, Mills Township, Prescott and Richland Township to report anything that seems out of the ordinary like disturbed dirt or unexplained ruts in and around trails. Anyone with a tip can call either the Ogemaw or Genesee County Sheriff’s Departments.