HSC In National Spotlight For Domestic Chip Investment

Hemlock Semiconductor welcomed Governor Whitmer and heard from President Biden on Tuesday to celebrate the passage of the Chips and Science Act which sets aside 50 billion dollars over the next five years for domestic production of microchips.

President Biden, Governor Whitmer, as well as Michigan Senators and Representatives met at Hemlock Semiconductor to discuss the passage of the Chips and Science Act, which encourages the production of microchips in the United States. The President praised the bill and spoke on the positive impact it is expected to have on Michigan.  He appeared in a video link as he remains quarantined at the White House due to the resurgence of his Covid illness.

Whitmer also signed an executive directive to help coordinate Michigan’s efforts in competing for funding made available by the Chips and Science Act.

As one of the nations largest electronic component manufacturers, HSC is expected to receive a share of the funding, and is already planning expansions to its operations. The act will subsidize the production of microchips in the US. President Biden focused on bringing jobs back to our economy and not relying on foreign production.

Hemlock Semiconductor is one of the largest manufacturers of microchip parts in the US.