Howard Kurtz: Only Straight White Men Report Objectively

TV News

That’s the gist of this brain cell-killing interview between “media critic” Howard Kurtz and Townhall’s Guy Benson.

Kurtz asked a question on his weekend show if CNN’s Anderson Cooper could objectively cover the Orlando mass shooting tragedy because, you know, Anderson Cooper is gay. How could Cooper be fair-minded when most of the victims were also gay?

Benson, who is also gay, agreed with Kurtz that Cooper had an understandable slant to his coverage because of his homosexuality.

Right. Stay with me here.

Please watch the video to watch the hand-wringing from Kurtz:

So, you’ve got straight guy from Fox News hyperventilating over Cooper’s journalistic objectivity, and using a gay Fox News contributor to say that his fellow gays shouldn’t cover stories revolving around gay people.

Does that mean a black journalist shouldn’t have covered the Charlestown massacre where all of the victims were black? Does that mean women can’t report on rape, wage disparity, or women’s health issues because the subjects are women?

Does that mean white reporters are to be barred from reporting on stories affecting fellow whites?

The Logic Of Howard Kurtz seems to believe so.

Susan Demas summed it up better:

Kurtz and Benson criticized Cooper’s interview with Republican Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi a day after the shooting. Cooper wondered how Bondi could argue that she’s a champion of the LGBT community while she argued in favor of the state’s gay marriage ban, and that lifting it would “induce public harm.”

How is that not fair questioning?

Bondi claimed gay marriage would “induce public harm.” She fought against gay rights, and bluntly argued it would “harm” Florida! She’s part of the politicians and provocateurs I talked about during last week’s “Pat Political Point.”

No, Bondi isn’t on the same level of the shooter. However, Bondi and her allies are part of the team that fought against gay rights. They spent years demonizing the LGBT community. Is it going too far to presume that those years of demonization didn’t play a slight role in affirming the Orlando shooter’s decision to choose that venue for his carnage? Could the shaming of the LGBT community by folks like Bondi have led the shooter to become ashamed of his latent homosexuality?

Is it going too far?

I don’t believe so.



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