Hillary’s Transcripts Blunt Her Trump Tax Return Attack

Donald Trump should turnover his tax returns for all Americans to view. In the name of transparency, Trump must give the American people a chance to check-out his taxes. Trump is resisting, though, claiming that I.R.S. audits are preventing him from releasing his returns. This is a dubious excuse. I suspect Trump’s reluctance to release his transcripts is because we’ll learn about possible shady (Russian) business dealings, and that he’s not worth as much as he touts. Plus, we’ll probably find-out he’s using numerous loopholes to pay lower taxes.

All that being said, my fellow liberals can’t rake Trump over the coals while turning the other cheek when it comes to Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street speech transcripts.

Clinton resisted several calls by Bernie Sanders to release those transcripts during the Democratic primary race. She argued that she’d release those transcripts if other presidential candidates did the same. It was an effective stalling technique, and it worked.

Sort of.

Those speeches are somewhere. One has to believe those transcripts will eventually find the light of day, either before or after the election. Clinton had better hope it’s after the election. They could further solidify her coziness with the “connected” business community that benefits from the Wall Street-Washington revolving door.

It’s because of her refusal to make those speeches public that Clinton, and her supporters, can’t play the higher ground on Trump’s tax returns. Sure, Clinton has released her taxes, but she’s guilty of concealing important information from the public just as much as Trump is guilty doing the same.

Any wonder why both candidates have low approval ratings?

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