A man who had gone missing in the Angeles National Forest in Southern California has been found,five days after he was reported missing. George Null was spotted deep in Bear Canyon in the Buckhorn, Mount Waterman area, a remote part of the forest, CBS Los Angeles reports.

“The area he was located was about 2,500 feet,” Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Sergeant John Gilbert told CBS L.A. “The mountaintop he came off of in order to get there is at approximately 8,000 feet, so over several days, he’d made a lot of progress downstream.”  

CBS L.A. spoke with the 58-year-old’s sister, Rebecca Latta, who said Null is an experienced hiker and Eagle Scout but became disoriented during his hike because many trail markers were burned during last year’s Bobcat Fire.

Authorities are encouraging hikers to check with the Forest Service to make sure the trails they intend to take are open and in good condition.

As for Null, he’s in good health but has some scratches and blisters.

“He gave me a huge hug,” Latta, told CBS L.A. after they were reunited. “I think he’s so exhausted that I really think he doesn’t have a lot of words right now, and he’s a little bit delirious after five days of wandering around in the forest.”