High School Students March Against Gun Violence

A group of high school students in Saginaw spent their holiday speaking out against gun violence.

Students participating in the Dow Treasure Academy educational program organized a demonstration on Martin Luther King Junior Day to make their voices heard in the fight against gun violence. Monday afternoon, a crowd of high school students, parents, community members, and elected officials marched to Saginaw High School.

“We’re supposed to be the future generation, right? But how could we when all the people in our generation are getting killed at a young age.” said Ivan Phillips, one of the student organizers. “Not even making it to that age to where they can see the full potential within themselves. That’s a big part, and then just young kids in general getting ahold of these unregistered guns from family members and parents being irresponsible.”

Following the march, a rally was held in the high school gymnasium, where participants heard from those students who spearheaded the effort as well as local, state, and federal elected officials.