Vice President Kamala Harris is finally moving into the Naval Observatory next week according to chief spokesperson Symone Sanders, over two months after Inauguration Day. 

Harris and her husband, second gentleman Doug Emhoff, couldn’t immediately settle in at the vice president’s residence because of “repairs to the residence” that were “more easily conducted with the home unoccupied,” CBS News first reported. According to an aide, some of the repairs include replacing liners in the chimneys and “other household maintenance.” The requests didn’t originate with either Harris or Emhoff, but rather, from the Navy.

Harris and Emhoff have been staying at Blair House, just across the street from the White House, since the day after President Biden was inaugurated. 

During their stay at Blair House, the barricade surrounding the White House complex was expanded to provide additional security.

And also for security reasons, on most mornings, the vice president could be seen departing her temporary residence from her motorcade and making the short drive across the street to the West Wing.

Seven vice presidents have called Number One Observatory Circle their home while in office, beginning with Vice President Walter Mondale. The house, located in northwest Washington, is not open to the public and is just a few miles from the White House. 

Thursday, a moving truck was seen outside of Blair House; the presidential guest house is typically reserved for foreign dignitaries and the incoming president the night before inauguration.

The move will be taking place as Harris and Emhoff leave for their home in Los Angeles on Thursday for the Easter holiday. The two are not expected to return to Washington, D.C., until Tuesday.