Vice President Kamala Harris will visit Mexico and Guatemala on June 7 and 8, she said during a visit to Rhode Island on Wednesday. This will be Harris’ first trip abroad as vice president. 

In March, President Biden tasked Harris with leading the administration’s efforts to stem migration at the southern border, announcing her new role as border apprehensions soared after Mr. Biden took office. He called her the “most qualified person” to lead U.S. efforts with Mexico and the Northern Triangle, and he said he hoped “we can move this along.”

The White House said at the time that Harris would work on “stemming the flow of irregular migrants to the U.S.,” while at the same time working toward the goal of establishing a strategic partnership with these countries.

Tensions are high in El Salvador, where the new parliament just tossed out all five of the judges who sit on the country’s highest court. On Tuesday, Harris said that “we need to respond” to what’s going on in El Salvador. Asked about those comments by CBS News Wednesday, Harris replied that the administration is working on potential responses.