▶ Watch Video: Shocking video shows 2 children caught in the middle of NYC shooting

Police say a gunman is now in custody after shocking video showed him open fire on a Bronx sidewalk, catching two children in the crossfire. Michael Lopez, 27, faces several charges, including attempted murder and  reckless endangerment, officials said.

Police sources told CBS New York that Lopez has known gang ties and five prior arrests.

The brazen shooting was caught on camera last Thursday on Sheridan Avenue in the Mount Eden neighborhood.

Video captured a shooting in New York City, showing two innocent children caught in the commotion.

CBS New York

Video shows a man in red running for his life down the sidewalk. Terrified bystanders duck for cover, and the man topples over two young children. The masked gunman then suddenly appears, and shoots the man at close range.

“We are nervous. We are frightened. This has been a very difficult time. We want children to feel secure because they are the future,” their mother told CBS New York through a translator. “We are human beings. We don’t want another mother to suffer what we are suffering.”

The children were invited to a Yankee game shortly after the shooting, and the NYPD held a block party in the neighborhood Thursday.