All an adorable fluffy cat in Kansas City, Missouri, wanted for the new year was a new family — who would meet her exhaustive list of demands. Now, the white Persian has a new home willing to do just that. 

Kansas City’s Whiskers Cat Cafe, a coffee shop and cat adoption facility, first posted on Instagram about the unnamed feline, whom they dubbed the “Grinch,” on December 8, saying that she is a “princess” who “has demands” and “is not afraid to say them loudly.” 

“Under no circumstances does she wish to meet or live with another animal. It’s absurd that you would even ask. Don’t come at us with stories about your ancient cat loving chihuahua. She will murder you and your entire family for getting that thing near her,” the cafe wrote. “If you even suggest she can cohabitate with your other precious Persian she will curse you like that awesome witch from ‘Into the Woods.'”

And if potential owners have or may want kids in the future? This cat won’t allow it. 

“You think she wants tiny STICKY fists of fury anywhere near her magical snow cape? That’s a hard pass on living with a drunken ballerina-ninja,” the cafe wrote. “…She needs someone who will gasp at the glory of her grinch toes. She needs brush outs, blow outs, princess level pampering, heating pads, and the orthopedic foam in her own bed. And that’s just her baseline.”

As Whiskers Cafe explained, she is a “gifted…ONLY child” with a mane of fur “that bounces with every step like a unicorn mane” and will only do well in a home where she is worshipped like a “magnificent creature.” 

Luckily for the “Grinch,” someone was up for the challenge. On Thursday, Whiskers Cafe posted on Instagram that she was adopted. 

“It’s for real her forever home,” they wrote. “She knows it.” 

According to Fox 4 Kansas City, the cat’s name is Percy and was adopted by Amy Thomason, who posted about the story on Facebook. 

“In a surprising turn of events, her heart has indeed grown three sizes and mine has grown like a million,” she told the outlet.

Just hours after the adoption was complete, the cafe said, she was relaxed, purring and giving kisses. 

“We are so grateful that all of you helped unite her with her humans, who know exactly how to care for her,” the cafe said.