Great Lakes Bay Businesses to Receive Industry 4.0 Programming

The Michigan Strategic Fund has approved nearly $2 million in grants for 10 nonprofit organizations around the state to provide regional Industry 4.0 programming and services to increase manufacturers’ readiness to adopt Industry 4.0 technologies.

The funding is part of an MEDC-led effort to ensure that 50 percent of Michigan manufacturers, or 6,200 businesses, are prepared to adopt those technologies at some level by 2025. Industry 4.0 is defined as the convergence of digital and physical technologies, including artificial intelligence, 3D printing, robotics and more. Around 42 percent of Michigan’s current labor force could be negatively impacted by automation, creating a strong need for a multipronged effort to ensure Michigan’s small to medium-sized manufacturers adopt the technologies.

The Great Lakes Bay Manufacturers Association announced the pilot projects selected to receive the regional Industry 4.0 Readiness Initiative Grant. The businesses to receive the funding are Amigo Mobility International, Kremin, Inc. and Bay Machining and Sales. Each of the projects will receive $10,000 in consulting from the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center to assist in Industry 4.0 project implementation.