Governor Whitmer Outlines Plans during Visit to Saginaw

Governor Gretchen Whitmer visited Saginaw Friday morning to discuss the first two weeks of the new Michigan Legislature.

During her speech, Whitmer outlined recent achievements, as well as plans for the new Democrat-led state government. She praised the recently passed increase of Michigan’s Earned Income Tax Credit to 30 percent, a piece of legislation sponsored by State Senator Kristen McDonald Rivet.

“Half the kids in our state live in a household with a parent who’s working full-time, and isn’t able to take care of the fundamentals. That’s who’s going to benefit from the senator’s work,” said Whitmer. “I’m so excited.  700,000 families will get over $3,000 a piece.”

Governor Whitmer spoke on plans to repeal what she calls the retirement tax and provide universal access to 4-year-old Preschool. She also highlighted recent investments by manufacturers in Michigan, and outlined plans to provide 2 years of tuition-free education to students ages 21 and up.