GOP Un-Healthy Care Bill

June 25, 2017

The Republican Senate-backed health care insurance plan shows us exactly who they are fighting for, and it ain’t us.

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You’ll recall when Democrats were poised to pass Obamacare–or the Affordable Care Act–then-minority leader John Boehner chastised the Democrats over HOW they passed it:

Boehner wasn’t completely lying. As with any piece of legislation, certain closed-door deals are conducted to get that legislation passed. However, most legislation goes through the meat-grinder process.

As TIME magazine notes, the ACA went through a rigorous legislative process with some “hundreds hearings and markups.” TIME reminds us how many of those hearings lasted days, and sometimes even months.

The Atlantic reminds us that while Republicans refused to work with Democrats from the get-go of the Obamacare bill, the Senate was a completely different story.

The Senate Finance Committee formed a Gang Of Six of both Democrats and Republicans decided to craft a more bipartisan approach. The bipartisan template–to the chagrin of liberals–was the long-cherished Republican health care plan featuring an individual mandate with exchanges for Americans to purchase private insurance. Democrats didn’t even push for a public option.

But the talks blew-up once then-Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell threatened the Republicans on that Gang Of Six. Senators Chuck Grassley and Mike Enzi followed orders and quit working with Democrats.

Still, the Senate Finance Committee held 53 hearings. The Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee held 47 hearings!

Contrast that now with this current Senate bill, which 13 Republican senators wrote literally behind closed doors. And now-Senate Majority Leader McConnell wants a vote by July 4th, some 10 days after it faced the light of day.

Hypocrisy, anyone?

They complained how Obamacare was rewriting rules and regulations for health insurance care, which runs 1/6 of our economy. And now they’re trying to pass a bill which will also change the rules for 1/6 of our economy with very little insight or transparency?

And you’re fine with that?

The bill is a sweet deal for the elite donor base. It provides massive government handouts to the rich at the expense of everyone else. It slashes Medicaid so billions of dollars in tax breaks go to the rich. It ends the Obamacare tax on investments directed to help fund Medicare. In fact, the elimination is retroactive, meaning they can claim the three-percent tax cut on anything they invested in 2017.

How wonderful!

That 3.8% cut is certainly going to help the rich find a meal while the rest of America struggles to purchase affordable and quality health insurance. It’s a big-money scam with 90% of the tax cut going to the Top 1%, according to the Tax Policy Center.

It allows insurance companies to charge older Americans five-times more than younger people, unlike the current three-to-one ratio. So, hey older people, get ready! Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell are coming after you, too!

The bill eliminates tax subsidy credits for Americans making 350-450% above the poverty line, which is between $42-48,000.

The Center For Budget Policy and Priorities concludes the Senate bill raises costs on lower income Americans, older Americans, and those living in high cost states.

Additionally, the Senate bill grants states more leverage to reimpose lifetime caps, and eliminate essential health benefits. Got cancer? Better hope it doesn’t cost too much and you get capped-out!

The Senate bill shrinks the individual marketplace which results in those with preexisting conditions being priced-out.

Why are Republicans proud of this bill?

I believe a speech President Trump gave this past week in Iowa illustrates exactly why.

You recall how much Trump vilified Hillary Clinton for having Wall Street ties in her campaign? Well, Trump’s cabinet is filled with Wall Street banksters.

Here’s how Trump justified that fact:

Wait, you thought he meant it when he used to attack Wall Street?

These rich guys buy-off politicians so they can gain influence inside government. Then, they pass legislation, like cutting investment taxes while raising premiums and deductibles on regular Americans’ health insurance. Then, they leave Washington to enjoy all of the handouts they’ve fought to legalize.

Now, we’re starting to see what this game’s all about.

Unfortunately, we’re on the losing end.

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