The Google Incident Exposes A Conservative Contradiction

August 10, 2017

Those outraged over Google’s firing of a male employee who criticized the company’s diversity programs remain mum on Colin Kaepernick.

James Damore has certainly made a name for himself.

He’s the former Google software engineer released a memo to handful of fellow employees, arguing Google discriminates against men–even worse, conservative men.

At least, that’s my reading of Damore’s victimization report manifesto.

It’s comically hypocritical to hear those decrying Damore’s firing while steadfastly supporting NFL teams for blackballing quarterback Colin Kapernick.

Sierra Marlee from Right Wing News, argues that no team is willing to risk having Kaepernick on their team since he “disrespected” the country.

Marlee ignores the reasons of the protest, and rather paints Kaepernick as un-American for doing the very thing that started America: protest!


She’s right to say Kaepernick is paying a costly price as no NFL team has invited him to training camp. He is.

Yet, as I write this very post, Rush Limbaugh is busy criticizing Google–a private company–for supposedly silencing a conservative employee over his beliefs!

How can the American Right not see the major contradiction in their stance regarding these two circumstances?

You can’t argue the NFL–as a private company–has every right to block Kaepernick, but that Google–as a private company–isn’t granted the same right with its employees!

If NFL owners can say they aren’t hiring Kaepernick because they don’t agree with his values, I guess the same can be said for Google, right?

Selective outrage and tribalism that drives my friends on the Right, nowadays. It’s all about playing the victim.

Hence, the anger with Kaepernick on one hand, and Google on the other.

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