FWS to Hold Prescribed Burns at Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) plans to conduct prescribed burns in the coming weeks at Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge. The prescribed burn will be conducted in Spaulding Township, several hundred acres of prairie (grasslands) will be burned to improve wildlife habitat.

Particular dates of the burn are dependent on appropriate weather and it will be conducted only if conditions are favorable. Much planning and care is taken to ensure a prescribed burn is safe and can achieve the desired objectives. Prior to the prescribed burn local communities, fire departments, townships, and adjacent landowners will be contacted.

The Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge manages approximately 10,000 acres in Saginaw County for fish and wildlife habitat. The purpose of the Refuge’s prescribed burns is to enhance wildlife habitat and therefore visitor use of such habitats while ensuring firefighter and public safety.