Some frozen fruit products from the Scenic Fruit Company sold at Costco, Trader Joe’s and a handful of other stores are being recalled due to possible hepatitis A contamination, the Food and Drug Administration announced Friday.

The nationwide recall has been issued specifically for frozen organic strawberries sold at Costco, Aldi, KeHE, Vital Choice Seafood and PCC Community Markets, as well as for the Trader Joe’s frozen organic tropical blend, according to the agency.

The frozen strawberries may also be sold under brand names such as Kirkland, Simply Nature, Made With and PCC Community Markets, the FDA said.

The FDA posted detailed information here about the universal product codes, expiration dates, brand names, product names and the states where the berries have been sold.

While hepatitis A has not actually been detected on these products, the FDA is urging consumers “out of an abundance of caution” to return the recalled items for a refund. 

The Oregon-based Scenic Fruit Company has stopped producing and distributing the products while both the company and the FDA investigate. 

Trader Joe’s said in a statement that no illnesses have been reported in connection with those products, and that it has removed them from store shelves and destroyed them. 

According to FDA, Hepatitis A is a “contagious liver disease” that can be contracted 15 to 50 days after exposure, including from eating contaminated food. It can present in a mild illness that lasts for a few weeks, but it can also turn into a more severe illness that sticks around for several months.

Symptoms include fatigue, jaundice, dark urine, pale stool and abnormal liver tests. For consumers with pre-existing health conditions, a severe case of hepatitis A can lead to liver failure.

The FDA recommends customers who may have eaten the product to consult with a healthcare professional, who may recommend a vaccination. Those who already have hepatitis A symptoms are encouraged to contact their doctor or the local health department immediately.