Four Lakes Special Assessment Passes in Midland and Gladwin Counties

County Commissioners of Gladwin and Midland counties have approved a special assessment tax to pay for operations, maintenance and administration of the lake levels and related facilities after the May 2020 flood.

Proposed by the Four Lakes Task Force, the unanimous decision on the assessment on Tuesday, July 12 will only affect residents who live within the special assessment district in the areas of Wixom, Secord, Smallwood and Sanford lakes. Midland and Gladwin counties are also set to pay an at-large assessment out of their general funds.

The three-year assessment runs through 2024 at a total tax levy of $4.692 million. Another assessment will be proposed after the three years is up.

During the Tuesday hearing, residents spoke in favor or against the proposal. Anyone who registered a protest before June 29 has 15 days to appeal Tuesday’s action in circuit court.