Former State Senator Ken Horn Joins Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance

Former State Senator and Economic Development Committee chair Ken Horn will be focusing his attention on the Great Lakes Bay Region.

Former State Senator Ken Horn will serve as Executive Vice President of Strategic Development at the Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance beginning May 1st.

During his 8 years in the Michigan Senate, Horn advocated for population growth in the state, championing Project 1MP, an effort to bring 1 million people to Michigan in under a decade. Horn says that he’s scaling that down to 40 thousand people by 2040 for the region, and he’s pretty confident he can do it.

“You’ve got board members coming together already with the intent of working to solve problems and working to grow the community, so I’m already one step ahead,” said Horn. “Working in the legislature, I had different obstacles to overcome, including having to convince my colleagues and an administration that we were on the right track in this region.”

The Alliance works to promote economic growth in the Saginaw, Bay, Midland, and Isabella Counties by working with businesses, universities, local governments, and other organizations. Horn says the key to growing any economy is growing the population, and in his new position, he’ll be working to coordinate those efforts in the region.