Former Flint Fire Chief Sues City, Mayor

A former Flint Fire Chief has filed a 10 million dollar suit against the City of Flint and Mayor Sheldon Neeley, alledging wrongful termination.

Attourney Arnold Reed says that former chief Raymond Barton was fired for refusing to lie and cover up the circumstances of the deaths of two children that died in a house fire in May of 2022. In the incident, 2 Flint firefighters declared a room to be “all clear,” but soon after, other firefighters found 12-year-old Zyaire Mitchell and his brother, 9-year-old Lamar in the same room. Both children were rushed to the hospital in critical condition and died days later.

According to Reed, Barton’s investigation found that the two firefighters had lied, and recommended their termination. Barton alledges that Mayor Neeley wanted him to change the investigation’s outcome. Barton says he refused, and 9 days after the November election, he was relieved of duty after 34 years working for the department.