Flushing Township Man Gets Additional Charges in Wife’s Murder

Soon after charges were dropped against a Flushing Township man in the death of his wife, six new charges related to her murder were issued.

39-year-old Jennifer Edenburn was last seen alive on June 19 and her body was discovered in her home two days later. Her husband, 44-year-old Jeramie Edenburn was developed as a person of interest and was arrested in the Alpena area June 22. Edenburn was originally charged with first-degree murder. Prosecutors voluntarily dismissed the charge on Monday, but have now charged Edenburn with several new felonies, including homicide – felony murder, two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, torture, first-degree killing or torturing of animals, and concealing the death of an individual. The new charges come after a medical examiner released results of an autopsy on the victim.

Prosecutors say Edenburn raped and tortured his wife, then stabbed her and their dog to death with a kitchen knife. Edneburn remains in the Genesee County Jail.