A Florida man was arrested after leading Pennsylvania police on a wild chase in a stolen school bus. 

Police charged 25-year-old Tony Saunders of Port Saint Lucie, Florida, with fleeing an officer, receiving stolen property, reckless driving and resisting arrest, the Carroll Township Police Department said in a news release

Police said on Tuesday morning they received calls about a school bus that had been reported stolen in Abbottstown, Pennsylvania. Officers later spotted a school bus driving through the parking lot of Giant Foods and Rite Aid and saw that the lights on the bus were turning on and off, police said. 

Officers caught up with the bus and tried to pull it over but it immediately pulled away and continued to wind in and out of highway lanes, according to police. 

At one point, Saunders exited the highway, drove over a berm and nearly flipped the bus, police said. He eventually drove into a nearby neighborhood and fled the bus on foot into a wooded area, leaving the bus behind.

Saunders stripped his clothes as he ran through parking lots before he was caught nude by police, according to the release. 

The 25-year-old admitted to taking the bus after he crashed a BMW, police said. He also told police he put a dead deer in the back of the bus and planned on driving its corpse to his house to use as fertilizer for his garden.