First Responders Rescue Woman From Icy River
At 7:45 Friday night Frankenmuth Fire and Police were dispatched to a report of a person in the river. Responders from both departments found the woman partially submerged in the Cass River near the Northeast end of the covered bridge. The woman was on her back holding onto the ice and was able to talk with responders. A rescue disk was tossed to the victim to help secure her location. Firefighters in ice rescue suits entered the river and removed the victim from the river. The woman was turned over to the care of Mobile Medical Response.
Additional conversations with the woman found that she had fallen through the ice 10-15 feet further out from shore and was able to get her self out of the water one time. Unfortunately, on her way back to shore she fell into the river a second time. The cold water did take its toll and prevented the woman from self rescue a second time. The woman’s name was not released.