The First Day Songs Of The Week–January, 28, 2018

January 28, 2018

Here’s the list of songs we featured in the “Music Minutes” on First Day today. If you have any suggestions or requests, please email us!


Music Theme Contest

6:25am–“Start Each Day With A Song”  Jimmy Durante (with Bing Crosby)–(1946)

6:57am–“We Didn’t Start The Fire”  Billy Joel–Storm Front–(1990)

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a winner in this week’s Music Theme Contest.

“Start” was the theme as we played “Start Each Day With A Song,” and “We Didn’t Start The Fire.”

We also played some Jimmy Durante because on January 28, 1980, Jimmy Durante passed away at age 87.

Anything Goes Music Minute

7:25am–“Sweet Surrender”  Sarah McLachlanSurfacing–(1997)

Happy 50th Birthday to Nova Scotia’s Sarah McLachlan! Oh, 90’s. How I miss you so!

Michigan Music Minute

Photo Courtesy Jill Jack

7:57am–“Pure Imagination”  Jill Jack and The American Songbook BandPure Imagination–(2016)

We love highlighting artists across the great state of Michigan, and we loved playing a song by Detroiter Jill Jack. She recently released a new album called These Days, which you can check-out by visiting her site. But her cover of “Pure Imagination” wouldn’t escape Pat Johnston’s brain. So, he shared it with you on the show.

Pat’s Indie Song Of The Week

8:25am–“New For You”  HindsI Don’t Run–(2018)

It’s been too long since I played a song from the Spanish indie quartet. Here’s the first single from their new album due to be released in April. It’s minimalist. It’s low-fi. It’s raw. It rocks! It’s Hinds! (Pat)

Michael Percha’s Song Of The Week

8:45am–“Make It Rain”  Ed SheeranSons Of Anarchy–(2014)

Listen below to hear why Michael featured this Foy Vance track covered by Ed Sheeran.

That’s today’s playlist.

Questions? Email us!

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