The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is reminding residents to be aware of fire dangers when burning leaves and brush this spring.

Debris burning is the number 1 cause of wildfires in Michigan, and some fires already have scorched Lower Michigan landscapes, including a 432-acre fire in the state’s Thumb region. One of the biggest dangers during the spring time is by mistaking burning debris is safe. While the ground may be wet and muddy, grass and brush can be dry and once a fire catches, it can spread fast.

This spring, it’s a good idea to place your charcoal grill on a hard surface such as a concrete driveway rather than on the lawn, keep an eye out while using chainsaws and lawn mowers, because a spark from the blade or heat from an exhaust pipe can start a fire and never leave any fire unattended, even for a moment. Make sure all debris and campfires are fully extinguished before leaving the area.

For more information about spring fire safety, visit or visit your local fire department website.