Final “First Day” Funny Moments –May 7, 2018

The "First Day" team. Michael, Annie, and Pat. (Photo by WSGW's Pat Johnston)

May 7, 2018

Note: If the soundclips are unplayable, simply refresh the page. They should then appear.

The final episode of WSGW’s First Day aired on WSGW yesterday. In this post, we feature some of the show’s lighter moments, including the ever-popular “Pun Of The Week” with Michael Percha. We also highlight the work of our ultra-talented show “voice,” Annie. And, you’ll hear a brief montage of the show’s funnier moments through the years with Mr. Percha, and cohosts from the past.

First Day team. Michael Percha, Annie (The Voice), and Pat Johnston. (Photo by Pat Johnston

In case you missed the final episode of First Day yesterday, I’m providing a few different segments from the show.

If there’s one part of First Day that I always enjoyed, it’s that I could count on having a few laughs every Sunday morning.

We put together a montage featuring some of the show’s lighter moments since I took over the hosting duties in 2009.

You’ll not only hear clips with Michael Percha, but you’ll also hear the voices of Cohost Past with Ann Williams, Jessica Shepherd, and Hilary Farrell.



Another reason I knew I’d have a laugh or two every Sunday morning is due to our show voice, Annie.

Now, Annie has a real job at our sister station Mix 106.3FM. Yet, she decided to lend her professional voicing talents for First Day. And judging by the reaction from many of our listeners, Annie was a big hit on the show.

Thank you, Annie for putting some extra flavor into our little Sunday show.

Click below to hear some of Annie’s classic First Day liners.


If you’d like, give Annie an email and let her know that she did indeed have fans!


We also played what I called “The Final First Day Trivia Contest.”

Listen to one of the questions, and see if you would’ve gotten it correct:

I hope like Colleen, you did know the correct answer was, of course, Michael Percha!


Finally, the “Michael Percha Pun Of The Week” became a staple on First Day.

Listeners liked the segment so much that Michael received many puns submitted by our listeners.

We’re glad some of you had a laugh from Michael’s puns. Or maybe some of you groaned in disgust?

Regardless, the segment was a pure wonder.



Thanks again to for waking up with us on Sundays all of these years.

And who knows?

You might get more laughs from us in the future.

Never say never.



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