FEMA Opens Three More Documentation Drop-Off Centers for Flood Victims

FEMA is opening three more Documentation Drop-off Centers is Iosco, Arenac and Saginaw Counties for survivors of the May flooding and storms to submit supporting documents for their disaster assistance application. Centers are already open in Midland and Gladwin.

Survivors who’s been asked to provide additional documentation should read their FEMA letter carefully and make sure they have everything they need when they arrive at the drop-off center. Applicants can also mail, fax or submit documents online.

If you don’t understand the letter you received from FEMA, call 800-621-3362 (TTY: 800-462-7585) between 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. ET and ask for assistance.

The Iosco Drop-off Center opens at 8 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 22, for three days at:

Tawas Area High School

255 W. M-55

Tawas City, MI 48763

Hours and days for the Iosco center are:

8 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET, Saturday, Aug. 22 to Monday, Aug. 24

It will close permanently at 7 p.m. Monday, Aug. 24.


The Arenac Drop-off Center opens at 8 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 26, for eight days at:

Arenac Community Center

583 E. Cedar St.

Standish, MI 48658

Hours and days for the Arenac center are:

8 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET, Wednesday, Aug. 26 to Wednesday, Sept. 2

It will close permanently at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 2.


The Saginaw Drop-off Center opens at 8 a.m. Monday, Aug. 31, for nine days at:

Holy Spirit Catholic Church

1035 N. River Road

Saginaw, MI 48609

Hours and days for the Saginaw center are:

8 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET, Monday, Aug. 31 to Tuesday, Sept. 8

It will close permanently at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 8.

Locations and hours for the Documentation Drop-off Centers can be found online at DisasterAssistance.gov, by scrolling down and searching “Michigan” under the “Find Local Resources” section on the main page.

The drop-off centers will be open for a limited time and are staffed with FEMA personnel who can scan documents and quickly answer questions about disaster assistance programs.

All applicants and FEMA personnel will follow currently effective state and local requirements for COVID-19 safety measures. Applicants must wear face masks and will remain in their cars as they hand their documents to FEMA personnel, who will be wearing face masks (or other appropriate face covering) and protective equipment as well. FEMA staff will take the documents, scan them and return them to the applicants. Note:The drop-off centersdo not offer COVID-19 testing.

Applicants may register in the following ways:

  • Go online to DisasterAssistance.gov.
  • Download the FEMA Mobile App for smartphones.
  • Call 800-621-3362 (TTY: 800-462-7585) between 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. ET, seven days a week. Multilingual operators are available.

If an individual cannot register online or by phone, registration at the Documentation Drop-off Centers will be available.

Documents also may be submitted in any of the following ways:

  • Mail to: FEMA’s Individuals and Households Program, National Processing Service Center, P.O. Box 10055, Hyattsville MD 20782-7055.
  • Or fax to: 800-827-8112.
  • Or submit them via a FEMA online account. To set up an online account, visit DisasterAssistance.gov, click on “Check Status” and follow the directions.

The deadline for individuals to apply for disaster assistance is Sept. 8, 2020.