Feet on the Street to Return to Bay City

Sections of three streets in Bay City will be closing once again this summer for local businesses to expand their service.

Feet on the Street, an event that started as a way to accommodate COVID-era policies, will be returning through 2028.

During Monday evening’s City Commission meeting, the Commission approved a proposal to close Third Street from near Water Street to Saginaw Street, Center Avenue from Saginaw Street to Washington, and Saginaw Street from Center Avenue to Fifth Street.

Mayor Kathleen Newsham says that Midland Street will not be included in the closures, but that those businesses do have plans for the summer.

“We shortened the time. Before it was 4 months, 5 months,” said Mayor Kathleen Newsham. “This year, and for the next 5 months we want it to be Memorial Day Weekend… and it would go through Labor Day. That’s pretty much when we have a lot of our visitors who are in town.”

Midland Street businesses are able to apply to have weekend closures through the summer. The closures on downtown streets will take place between Memorial Day and Labor Day Weekends.