Feet on the Street May Return to Bay City in 2023

The Feet on the Street event could be returning to Bay City this summer, but there’s a catch-22.

During the days of COVID restrictions, Feet on the Street allowed businesses to continue operating by closing down streets in the summertime to accomodate outdoor seating. In November, the City Commission changed Feet on the Street, restricting street closures to weekends only. During Monday evening’s meeting, multiple business owners addressed the ruling body about their concerns when it comes to the event. Commissioner Jesse Dockett summed up the opinions expressed during the meeting.


The commission ended up passing a resolution that would allow the Downtown Management Board to apply for a permanent closure of Saginaw Street between Center Avenue and 5th Street during the summer. Commissioners say that should Saginaw Street close, it will allow them to test the feasability of full closure in parallel to weekend only closures, to hopefully come to a better compromise in the future.