▶ Watch Video: After medical speed bump, father and son return to biking across the country

If life is a journey, then James and Shepherd Colver are certainly enjoying the ride. It was 9-year-old Shepherd’s idea to pedal from Washington state to the Statue of Liberty in New York with his dad. 

“I was like, ‘That would take all summer,'” James said. “And he’s like, ‘Well, that actually sounds great. We could spend all summer riding together.'” 

Getting across the country on a plane to see the Statue of Liberty was not an option for Shepherd. 

“When you’re on a bike, everything just slows down and you get to notice cool stuff on the side of the road,” he said. 

James and Shepherd Colver

Courtesy of Colver family

The father and son had to slow down the first time they started the trek two years ago. 

“I was feeling really, really sick having terrible headaches while riding,” Shepherd said. “My dad took me to the hospital and a doctor poked my finger and said, ‘Sorry, Shepherd, you have Type 1 diabetes.'” 

Their trip was put on hold. Now, with Shepherd’s insulin packed, the two are back on the road. 

They’re about halfway and hope to reach New York by August. 

The highlight of the experience, Shepherd said, is “mostly just spending time with my dad.”

“Part of me is kind of dreading the fact that there’s only 1,600 miles left,” James said. “I’m gonna feel pretty sad when we have to stop. I’ve really had the time of my life here.”