Fate of Two Dogs In Question After Saginaw Zoo Attack

A horse was wounded at the Saginaw Children’s Zoo Monday after two dogs found their way onto the property and attacked it.

Zoo officials are unsure how the dogs, described as Pitbull mixed breeds, got onto zoo grounds as the entire property is fenced in. Two miniature horses were in an outdoor pen when one of them, named Sandman, was attacked. Sandman suffered several bites to his nose, jaw, genitals and flank. A zoo worker was able to fight the dogs off and stop the attack. The worker was not injured. Saginaw County Animal Control had received a call from the owner of the dogs, saying they had gotten loose and was looking for them prior to the attack.

The dogs are in quarantine at the county animal control center. A judge will likely make a ruling determining if the dogs need to be euthanized. The horse is recovering.