Eric Mays Son Sues City Officials Over Insurance Policy

The son of the late Eric Mays, Flint City Council member who passed away last month, is suing city officials over his father’s insurance policy.

Eric HaKeem Deontaye Mays filed the lawsuit against Mayor Sheldon Neeley, City Attorney William Kim, and Human Resources Director Ed Smith, alleging Kim and Smith have refused to provide him and his legal representatives a copy of Eric Mays’ insurance policy under the direction of Neeley. The lawsuit claims Deontaye Mays is the named beneficiary of the policy.

According to Lento Law Group, Deontaye Mays’ legal counsel, the lawsuit “comes at a time when Mr. Mays is already embroiled in a contentious and emotionally-charged legal battle with his uncles and aunt over the right to control the disposition and funeral arrangements for his late father’s remains.” Deontaye Mays is suing for intentional infliction of emotional distress, unjust enrichment, conversion, and breach of contract.