EpiPen comments (Charlie Rood)

On the Friday, August 26 edition of The WSGW Morning Team Show, I talked about the EpiPen increase and views about the (un)Affordable Care Act.   Here is the audio and text of my comments and conversation (including Dave Maurer) at 7:35am.   My comments and conversation are based on the text.   They do not match word for word.

Outrage over the EpiPen price increase?   So what.  Big deal.   How about the overall price of health care?

(Charlie Rood)   You may think I don’t care about the EpiPen price.   I do.   My son has a tree nut allergy.   Thankfully, it’s mild.   The doctor doesn’t think he will ever need an EpiPen, however, there is no guarantee so we are advised to have one (actually two, one for home and one for school).

The price increase is a shocker.   Especially since the pens have a shelf life of about a year or so.   You never want to put a price on saving a life, but many families, including mine, face a tough financial decision.   Is a pen really necessary?

In my home, we’ve had them in the past, but now we’ve decided a pen is not necessary.    My son’s allergy produces a rash and a little nausea.   We’re lucky.   Again, the doctor can’t guarantee something else might happen.   Of course, we are now very cautious about food we eat and he knows to tell people about his allergy and never to eat something unless he knows it’s safe.

Still, for my family and many others, the price of yearly health care coverage has already been a financial nightmare.   Talk about putting a price on saving a life.

But it’s the EpiPen that’s the focus of the outrage.   Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called on the company (Mylan) to immediately reduce the price.   She says it’s just the latest troubling example of a company taking advantage of its consumers.   Hey, Mrs. Clinton, what about the troubling example of the United States Government and its role in health care?   When the (un)Affordable Care Act went into effect, my family health care coverage increased $200 a month.   Let me do the math for you.   That was  $2400.   Can the government immediately reduce the price?

By that standard, I’ll pay for the EpiPen.

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker has cut ties with Mylan, the company that makes the EpiPen.   Her son has severe peanut and hazelnut allergies.   Parker says she is “disappointed, saddened, and deeply concerned” about the price increase.   Sarah, are you “disappointed, saddened, and deeply concerned” about the price of health care coverage?   Have you cut ties with the federal government?

My story is the story of thousands of families across the country.   A story that continues to play out as President Obama’s health care plan continues to be the law of the land.

I know, I know.   Thousands of families have been helped by health care.   I understand and support that.   I just didn’t support the way it was done.   But that’s another discussion.

(addendum)  As of Monday, August 29, we hear the company plans to offer a more affordable generic pen.   Perhaps the government will offer a generic health plan?



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