Enrollment Growth Gives SPSD Teachers & Staff Extra Bonus

Saginaw public school teachers and staff will be receiving a bonus this holiday season.

Announced at this week’s school board action meeting; 676 staff members, not including Superintendent Dr. Ramont Roberts, will be receiving a bonus on December 10th’s payroll worth $1,085.03 after revenue from a major jump in enrollment.

Dr. Roberts, who is contractually exempt from the payout, says he’s glad the educators are getting something extra after all their hard work during the pandemic to keep the district a place parents want to send their kids to.

These funds were found as part of an audit, determining the school had an excess-fund balance of more than $1.5 million thanks in part to the increase in enrollment; $801,081  over the $750,000 threshold agreed on that would pay the difference to staff.

The jump in enrollment is the first net-gain in students the district has seen in nearly a decade, with this year’s count day showing an increase of 170 up from last fall.